The Company

Technologies and products for

Tanneries and Shoe Factories

Our company was founded with the aim of producing tailor-made chemical products for the finishing of leather, soles and footwear.

The vast experience gained in over thirty-five years of activity in close contact with the tanning and footwear world has enabled the company to acquire skills that allow it to invent ever new and technologically advanced solutions to provide adequate answers to the needs of a constantly evolving fashion.

Tailor-made products, knowledge of the problems linked to the complex world of tanning, state-of-the-art technologies and attention to service, all to help companies be unique.

Since 1981

On the market for over 40 years, our company stands for reliability and competence. We continuously develop and test our products to always offer the best.

Our customers trust us!

The staff

Riccardo Bolognesi

Riccardo Bolognesi

Managing Director

Roberto Fabi

Roberto Fabi

Head of product development

Emiljana Ademi

Emiljana Ademi

Leather goods manager