The guide shows a wide chomatic range of colors base on which is possible to realize products chemicals for finishing as:

  1. DYE SOLUTION: mix of dyes, solvents and emollients use by spray or by sponge;
  2. DIPPING DYE: mix of dyes, solvents emollients and ligands. the leather, sole o inner shoe is coloured by dipping for few seconds in the solution;
  3. WAX DYE: mix of dyes dissolved in penetreting waxes. the product is absorbed by leather using sponge.

This guide has the purpose of providing an indicative support to the choice of colors applicable to various materials. In our laboratories we look to obtain the maximum loyalty to those retained in this guide but the chromatic yield of the dyes is strictly connected to a multiplicity of factors that in time can affect the color tonalities.

Exposure to light, contact with creams or liquids of various nature, wear and chemical characteristics of the leather may be reason of tonality or saturation in front of samples we propose.

The colour guide therefore must be considered purely indicative as we are able to realize a wide range of colors.